Pastured Poultry

  1. Where do you get the birds?

    As of now I order them from a commercail hatchery. Once we move to a larger farm we will have our own breeding flocks.

  2. What breeds to you use?

    We use cornish cross chickens and penkin ducks.   

  3. Are the birds free ranged?

    No they are not free ranged as you think of it.They are pastured. We are going to be trying out chicken tractors this year with them. Those are move able pens/houses instead of letting them free range. We did that last year and they destroyed my flower gardens and pooped everywhere. Naughty birds:) So this way they can still get all the grass they want and I don't have to chase them out of my garage all day. They will be moved at least twice a day to new grass.

  4. What is your philosophy about raise animals for meat?

    Our belief is that they should only have one bad day. Which means we well spoil them. The ducks we make sure get to swim at least a few times a week in a kiddy pool. You don't have to let them swim but we feel it makes their lives more in enjoyable. So we do the extra work and let them.

  5. Do you use medicated feed or any antibiotics?

     We do not use any kind of medicated feed or antibiotics. We feel proper care and cleaning takes care of most issues. If a critter needs meds they will get it but they will not be sold to the general public with the others.

  6. How are the birds fed?

    We  add organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to their water and feed once a day a Swedish style yogurt made from grass fed cows. They will also  get fermented feed and sprouts mostly sunflowers. Once they are old enough we will feed them organic grown out grain (wheat, barley etc..) called fodder. Our goal is become complety grassfed.

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