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Death to poison ivy!!

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Let me grab my websters here and find it.... Ok here it is


: a common plant in the central and eastern U.S. that has leaves which cause a very itchy and painful rash on your skin if you touch them

: the rash that is caused by poison ivy

Full Definition of POISON IVY


a : a climbing plant (Toxicodendron radicans syn. Rhus radicans) of the cashew family that is especially common in the eastern and central United States, that has ternate leaves, greenish flowers, and white berries, and that produces an acutely irritating oil causing a usually intensely itching skin rash

b : any of several plants closely related to poison ivy


: a skin rash caused by poison ivy

Or in the real world .... BEYOND NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this plant.  I would gladly descend upon it with the hords of the underworld at my heals but that would burn it.  So hang on, stop ummm yeah hord  your going to have to go back sorry. Tell Hades  that burning the plant is just not a good idea.   

Sorry i'll let you out of my fanstay of slaying the plant of doom for a moment and join the real world.  Just a second i can't.....wait..... got it darn sword got suck.


 You can't touch it. Your not suppose to burn it. It won't drown.  How do you get rid of it?   

If your me you go  hazmat suit or as close to it as you can, rip it out of the ground (while wearing your best spartan war face) toss it in the road to watch it get run over and then dive in the shower all the while praying it didn't get on you.  Long enough sentence for ya?8)

Okay here is your enemy follow garden warroir!   Memorize it!   Your life as you know it will be forever changed  it should you met him unarmed.


I lost the battle.   It won for a while bit then the steriods and creams and allergy pills began to slowly fight back.  The battle was long and it was as a segie upon my family as the mood swings over took me. But finally the tide turned and the war was won. I can see again and the family is at peace once more.  I have scars from it but hey I can see.

This is a picture before the meds kicked in . By that night my eye had complety swollen shut.

So how do you kill the plant of doom?

Suggestions I've heard so far are:

Flame thrower,

Round Up,


What is your favorite way of treating it?   I actually found I like toothpaste with all it's minty freshness on my face.  

Natural Deworming

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Some worms are bad some worms are good. Good worms turn your garden watse into potting soil. Bad worms cost you money. How does a worm cost you money you ask. By being a parasite and leaching nutrientsoff your livestock. How do you know if you have a worm issue? While with all animals there is usually a loss of overall contion and thier feathers or coat begin to look dull. They could have weight lost or with hens a drop or a stop in egg prodution. Worms are one of those things where a onuce of prevtion is worth a pound of cure. If you are not sure what or if your stock has worms you can have your vet do a fecal screening to check. However, with these simple things that you can easy pick up at the store or even better grow most of them yourself in your garden why not just go for the once of prevention?


 Check out my mini seires on what every garden should have for in depth information  what to use for deworming.  Or for DE and AVC they get thier own posts.

Also watch for the  Good bug Bad bug mini series!

What every garden should have mini series: Pumpkins and Nastruims

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Pumpkins and Nasturims.  

 Yes your right that  is the picture from my welcome page.  It was one of my favortive pictures from our garden last year.  I just love how a orange Nasturim happened to wind it's way around one of my pie pumpkins but anyhow back to the whys of using them.     :)


Pumpkins-- This is one of the frist things that comes to mind when people think of natural deworming.   You can just toss whole pumpkins into the coop or chunks of it into rabbit colonys/cages. Bunnies have easliy upset tummys so please use common sense.   The seeds contain cucurbitacin  which is belived to  expel or paralyze paratises.  Delaware State University did a study on meat goat kids that showed the average fecal egg counts decreased by 11% while the control group increased by 56% while giving a pumpkin seed drench.  

 It is also an excellent source of protein, also containing phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, antioxidants, vitamin K,omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and a number of plant sterols. It contains 18 amino acids and can be used as a vegan protein replacement.

  The Journal of Amercain Society of Experimaental Biology  did a study to on the cucurbitacin in the seed. They grew it to seven days passed geramation.  The study suggested that cucurbitacin E may be useful as a potential anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory agent.

Want to get a nice orange color to your eggs yolks and give your eye sight a boost?  Pumpkins with thier bright orang color are bursting with beta-carotene, a provitamin that is converted to vitamin A in the body.   

So hows that for excuse to eat "just" one more slice of pumpkin pie? :P 

There are over 100 different  varites of pumpkins from tiny decortions to pie pumpkins and prize winning mosters blue or warty really anything you can image. There is a perfect heirloom pumpkin just waiting to join your family history. Make sure you save your seeds as pass them on.

Nasturims- Who doesn't like a edbile flower? And one thats pretty to boot. Both the flowers and leaves are yummy. You can toss them into salads or even freeze the flowers in ice cubes for a sweet treat on a hot day.  Nasturims are wonderful compainions to to radishes, cabbage family plants (cabbage, collards, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, broccoli and mustards).  It even  deters wooly aphids, whiteflies, cucumber beetles.   They  contain vitamin C and might help fight bacteria, fungi, viruses, and tumors.    This website has some repices to use them in.  Have an  adventure and eat a flower. 8)